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 Guomei Liquor Group is jointly sponsored by the following companies: Sichuan Guomei Liquor Co.,Ltd, Sichuan Yibin Junzi Liquor Co., Ltd, Guomei Sichuan Liquor Co., Ltd. , Sichuan Yibin Junzi Wine Co., Ltd., Shandong Guomei Liqour Co., Ltd., Fulaichun Liqour Group Limited, Guomei Joint Investment Co., Ltd., Guomei 21st Century Co., Ltd., Guomei Culture Industry Co., Ltd., and Guomei Internet Co.,Ltd. The Chinese word "Guomei" means the glory of China. We choose "Guomei" as our brand name with a pursuit of finding the glory of China and brewing the most tasteful liquor that shares supreme taste quality, exquisite pakcage design and amiable marketing communication.

Guomei Liquor Group includes two branches: Shandong Guomei Liquor Co.,Ltd. in Rizhao city and Sichuan Guomei Liqour Co.,Ltd. in Yibin city. The yearly output of Guomei Liqor Group is 18 thousand tons of prior quality liquor with different taste of cereal, Maotai flavor and sesame flavor and 10 million cartons of product liquor. Guomei Liqor Group is the one and only liquor group in China who shares the unique liquor brewing mode of three liqor flavor taste into one and now mainly engages in three product series: mild taste liquor, medium qulity liquor and supreme quality liquor.

Guomei Liquor Group has acquired ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality / environmental management certificate and four provincial & national famous trade marks, and will strive for developing iteself into a competitive & comprehensive wine group based on  liquor products with its abundant capital and advanced technology.

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